The Next Step Fostering Group Privacy Notice for Initial Enquiries

Why we collect information:

If you are enquiring about Fostering, we will need to contact you in order to undertake some pre-qualification questions and maintain a dialogue with you.

We do this to:

We will only collect and process personal information to ensure we can either progress or discontinue your application.

How we store your personal information:

Your basic details may be recorded over the phone, by email or by talking to one of our representatives at an event. In the first instance your contact details will be recorded by hand and should your enquiry warrant being progressed we will transpose your information to our secure database within 1 working day. The original copy will be destroyed. Should your enquiry be closed your information will be destroyed within 1 month of the closure date.

Legal basis for processing

We will process your information under the “Legitimate Interest” criteria in order for you to receive information you require associated with your enquiry.

We will process your information to allow us to follow up on your enquiry periodically.

You may need some time to think about the process or to ensure you are in the best place to continue. You will provide your information at the point of contact and you will be given every opportunity to read this privacy notice.


We will not share your information, nor will we use it for third party marketing purposes.


How we manage your personal information

We process your personal information in accordance with the principles of GDPR.

We will treat your personal information fairly and lawfully and we will ensure that information is:

Access to personal information is restricted to authorised individuals on a strictly need to know basis. All staff working at the agency are DBS checked. Staff have access permissions to our system according to their role in the organisation and are contractually obliged to sign a confidentiality agreement.

We are committed to keeping your personal details up to date, and we encourage you to inform us about any changes needed to ensure your details are accurate.

How long we keep information

In the case of enquiries which do not progress we will delete your information once your enquiry is withdrawn by either party, within 1 month of the closure date. If your enquiry is not withdrawn we will retain your information for 12 months (or longer if specifically agreed, based on your personal circumstances) to allow you time to take your enquiry forward at a future time.

Your rights under the GDPR

You have a number of rights under the GDPR which give you greater control over your information.

You have a right to ask us what personal information we hold about you, you can request a copy of your information. This is known as a ‘subject access request’ (SAR).

SARs need to be made in writing (we have a subject access form you can use for this purpose), and we ask that your written request is accompanied by proof of your identity. We have one calendar month within which to respond to this request (although we will try to provide this to you as promptly as possible). Following your SAR, we will provide you with a copy of the information that we hold on you.

Right to rectify

You can rectify the details of your information that we hold. If you need us to correct any mistakes contained in your information, you can let us know by contacting your local office.

Right to be forgotten

As an initial application we keep and process your information as it is in your own and our own legitimate interest for us to do so. If you decide you do not want to become a Foster Carer our having your information is no longer in your interest and therefore it is not in ours either. If you request that your information to be deleted at this stage, we will oblige your request.

Be aware: After this stage should your application develop, we are legally obliged to keep all information obtained in connection with the assessment for a minimum period of three years, after which the agency will delete your information.

Restriction on processing

You have the right to request us to stop processing your personal information. When processing is restricted, we are allowed to store your information, but not do anything with it. You can do this where:

We must inform you when we decide to remove the restriction giving the reasons why. However, this will prevent us from proceeding with your enquiry.

Objection to processing

You have the right to object to processing unless it is in our legitimate business interests. We must stop using your information unless we can show there is a compelling legitimate reason for the processing, which override your interests and rights, or the processing is necessary for us or someone else to bring or defend legal claims.

Withdrawal of consent

If you request to withdraw your consent for us to have your information at this stage we will oblige your request unless it is in our legitimate interest not to do so. However, we will be unable to process your application any further.

Right to data portability

We will make every effort to provide any data you request in a usable format. However, due to the type and the complexity of your information we will not be in a position to provide this in a format that can easily be transferred across platforms. We will provide you with a disk containing all your information.

Data portability applies only:

We have a range of Privacy Notices to cover all elements of Fostering:
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