Ryancare Fostering was established in 2002. The agency remains family owned and will be looking after your child.

All our families at Ryancare undergo a challenging assessment by a Social Worker before they are approved to become a foster carer and look after your child.

Your child will be matched individually to our families to ensure all their needs will be met.

Where appropriate, and if your social worker agrees, we can provide areas called contact suites which offer a safe and relaxed environment for you see your child/ren. Our objective is to promote and support positive contact between parents and their children.

Our aim at Ryancare is to work in partnership with your child, all parents, foster families and the Local Authority to meet the needs of your child.

This is managed by a supervising Social Worker who is allocated and linked to each of our fostering families. Ryancare prides itself on the support we offer all carers which ensures your child will be cared for to the highest standard.

As an agency, we strive to make sure everyone has an opportunity to let us know how we are working and if there are any practices which can be improved. If you would like to talk to someone, then please contact us on the numbers below.

All of our services are inspected by Ofsted.

The Manager of Ryancare is Bridget Bradley. If you have any concerns about how Ryancare is looking after your child, please speak with Bridget on 0208 989 4970.