Ryancare Fostering has been providing welcoming homes to foster children for many years. On arrival with your foster carers, you will receive a Welcome Pack – which other young people in our care have helped put together. Please have a good read and if we can help any further at this stage, please let us know.

Download our Children’s Welcome Guide

We hope that you have had the chance to speak with your Social Worker about coming to Ryancare and we are ready to offer you a safe and warm family home for the duration of your stay. Did you know that your carer also has a Social Worker from Ryancare. If you have not met them yet, they will be visiting soon. Their job is to make sure you are being looked after well, so please speak with them if you have any concerns.

Whilst with Ryancare, you can expect to be listened to and have your feelings respected. Ryancare’s carers and staff all work together to help you settle in and feel secure in your new foster home.  We will always “fight your corner” to provide you with the things you need and deserve.

Your carer will provide you with a balanced diet so you stay healthy. They will give you the opportunity to do all the things that young people like yourself want to do. If you do not feel you are getting this then we would like to know straight away. Please use the numbers in the Welcome Pack should you need to contact us.

Charmaine Miller manages Ryancare and she is an experienced Social Worker. If you have any concerns, please ask to speak with her and she will assist you wherever possible.

At Ryancare we have a dedicated Children’s Champion, who not only acts as your advocate (someone to support your views) but will also ask for your views and listen to what you have to say. Should you wish to discuss anything which you feel you cannot discuss with your carers; just ask. She will also arrange fun activities during the school holidays and if you are old enough you will be invited to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

Find out more about our Children’s Champion.