Contacting us over Christmas

Our offices will be closed from 3pm on 24th December until 9am on 4th January 2021. If you need to talk to us overt he festive period, please refer to our Out of Hours call rota…

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Lydia Bright Instagram Live

As part of their 2020 Fostering Excellence Awards, The Fostering Network will be holding an Instagram Live Q&A with TV star Lydia Bright on Tuesday 20 October.

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Next Step Fostering Group joins National Fostering Group

The Next Step Fostering Group has joined forces with The National Fostering Group to offer even better services to children.

Outcomes First Group has announced the acquisition of the Next Step Fostering Group from the Ward Family.

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A day in the life of a Foster Carer and family under lockdown

For the first eight weeks of lockdown, 2 of our Carers, Boyd & Lynne were in lockdown at their Essex, holiday lodge. “We were with our four looked-after children, TMT, RT, KR, and TD; and our daughter, Hayley has her own caravan with our granddaughters EP and KP. We all thought it would be a safer environment for the children and we were fortunate to be able to stay. Here is just a glimpse of our ‘lockdown lives’… 


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Get Young Money Savvy with Martin Lewis

Young Money releases a financial guidebook to help young people to be more ‘money savvy’, with help and funding from Money Saving Expert Founder, Martin Lewis.

Aimed at students aged 15 to 16, the textbook (and free pdf) will teach them about savings, budgeting, borrowing, student loans and identity theft.

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Fostering Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Louise came into care when she was six and a half and after turning 18 applied to work for the Royal Navy. Not only has she excelled in her career since, she has also represented the force in several sports. #fosterhappiness 


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Foster Carers and children to bust myths about Fostering

Under an exciting new project, the Next Step Fostering Group are working with a young film maker , who happens to have grown up in a Fostering family, to bring together Foster Carers and former looked after children to talk about their own experiences of Fostering and tell their stories.

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