We do not expect carers to know everything about fostering rather we look for people who want to learn and develop into foster carers. We believe training provides the opportunity to reflect on our practice and experience and familiarise us with a perspective that may help to deal with situations appropriately.

image-01Ryancare thrives to work with its carers at a level that suits their learning and we plan out training calendar for the year to accommodate the feedback that we receive from our carers.

Ryancare provide its carers a robust training package with several options to choose from.

Our training package provides carers with options from online courses and other training run by qualified trainers.

We have an exhaustive list of courses that you can choose from on top of the mandatory courses recommended for you and we will support and fund external training course for you that is relevant to your role.
“Learning made easy” is the motto that our training department works for.

Over the last twelve months we have run numerous courses and here is a brief selection:-