Ryancare prides itself on the support to all our foster carers. We know that if carers are fully supported, then the children they look after are fully supported.

Ryancare’s approach to carer support is based on a simple belief that we are here to provide support and assistance to the child placed with them. We have a team of very experienced social workers who have been handpicked to help carers understand the children they are looking after.

Support comes in many forms from a simple phone call, a chat over a coffee, professional supervision, training, education or therapy. Regardless of what is needed, Ryancare’s staff team is available.

We do have an in-house Counselling Service, allowing you to discuss any personal issues that you may be experiencing, in complete confidence and outside of your usual Supervison meetings.

It is our philosophy that we continue to grow and develop, both as social workers and foster carers. We have a small team where you will get to know each of us well and when you pick up the phone, you will know who you are speaking too. We build trust and develop long term relationships with our carers who are very much part of the Ryancare team.