Under an exciting new project, the Next Step Fostering Group are working with a young film maker , who happens to have grown up in a Fostering family, to bring together Foster Carers and former looked after children to talk about their own experiences of Fostering and tell their stories.

Our film director described his motivation for launching this project, “My mum and dad are Foster parents and have been for 13 years now. I have been brought up with Foster children in and out of my life since I was around 8/9 years old from all walks of life; from refugees to victims of human trafficking. Growing up around all types of children, races, ages and sizes has allowed me to have an incredible front row seat to the other side of their world and understanding their story.

I think the stigma around those in care can be negative so I want to help dispel myths and show the truly positive side of Fostering. I want to give a platform to formerly Fostered children and their Carers, so that their stories can be told and  heard.”

Foster children just want to feel safe and valued. Is that so different from what we all want? Foster Carers provide children with a supportive and nurturing environment to allow them to heal, grow in confidence and be children again. As one carer told us, “If you are a child who is struggling to survive every day, there just isn’t any room to hope or dream. As a Foster Carer, I provide a supportive loving home, so that the children have the room to dream again.”

Once complete we hope to distribute this film online to help raise awareness of Fostering; what it really entails; why children may have arrived in Foster Carer; and what kind of future they are capable of creating for themselves if they are given a helping hand by Fostering.

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If you are a Foster Carer or a former looked after child and would like to share your story and be involved in this project please do get in touch by emailing info@nextstepfostering.org