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Ryancare fostering is an independent fostering agency in London founded in 2002. Since its inception, Ryancare has steadily grown, building strong links with both the local communities as well as Local Authorities. We are well known for our focussed, professional and above all, flexible approach to childcare making us one on the most respected agencies in this sector.

Young people are at the centre of our thinking and we have grown around the ones we look after. Ryancare is a service which gives young people stability, positive futures and experiences and understands the difficult feelings that some may have due to their backgrounds. As an agency we want to help young people through their childhood and make it as positive and “normal” for them as possible. Most of all we try and keep life as simple and as pleasant as possible.

Our foster carers make us proud. We, as a staff group, are dedicated to young people, however it is the foster carers who make the difference. We look for the best range of carers so we can offer the best match for the children who come to us.

Our clients are our partners in the Local London Authorities who are seeking to place a child who find themselves in the care system and we then match that child with one of our foster carers. Ryancare prides itself on the quality support it provides to its foster carers and to the well being of the children under its care.

Our sphere of operation is London, Essex, and the South East of England and we are continually seeking quality foster carers.

Please view the other areas of our website and if you are interested in becoming a foster carer then there are several ways to get in touch.

You may contact us by telephone on 0208  989 4970
by email:
or by completing our Contact Us form.